The site is up
This is the first post on my new web. Not sure what this will evolve into (or perhaps not evolve at all) but we will see. The idea is to post the tings that I think is worth writing down and keep accessible. Whether it is a comment on the bad weather, some idea lurking in the back of my head or a snippet of code. Anything that I find suitable for the web I will post here. As for now the material here is pretty dull but hopefully it will turn into something good and useful. Most stuff will probably be posted as articles but the framework of the site supports separate pages that can contain other things. First out as a separate page is my collection of web accessible tools. This will be a place for me to collect all nifty small web hacks that I write up and use. Right now I have them spread out in different places and this might be a chance to gather them all in the same place. Easier for me and why not let them be accessible to anyone else that might find them useful. It will most likely take a while for me to convert them all for this site but in time I hope it will turn out to be a useful place of the web. Although I'm from Sweden the background image on the top of the page is a closeup of the Manhattan skyline from my last trip there taken with a Canon EOS 600D and edited with Gimp. Just something quick that I put together to have an image up there. It will probably change. It's not possible to comment on articles right now but I'm working on that.
by daniel 2012-06-18 12:39 UTC
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